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Relationships - Highway to Happiness

Thank you for your interest in our complimentary relaxation audio. 

Please note the recording is best listened to through headphones and is not suitable for anybody suffering from Schizophrenia or Clinical depression.

Here's a reminder of 8 tips to help improve your relationship
Try to practice these on a daily basis.

1. Write down all the positive differences between you and your partner

Be interested in your partner,  and the people around you and appreciate their qualities. Note thou likes yye positive differences between you, what each of you is good at and likes doing. It will help to understand each other better.

2. 🛑 Stop the criticism  

Don't allow negativity, nagging and criticism to creep in. Try saying something out of context, say something silly or funny. It will break the negative habit of communication between you.

3. Make time for a cuddle

Make time for each other and enjoy the closeness.

4. Allow each others dreams

Encourage your partner to fulfil their dreams and ask them to help you fulfil yours.When you both feel encouraged to follow your dreams, you will both be happy.

5. Enjoy discussions

Enjoy discussing and respecting differences of opinion. Try saying "we are both right and we are both wrong, we see things differently because we are different people"

6.  Really listen to your partner

Enjoy focussing on your partners strengths, actively listen to what they have to say.

7. Take control of your own happiness

Vow to not having too high expectations others and how they should behave towards you. Don't expect somebody else to read your mind.

8. Listen to the Relationship recording

Listen to the recording once a day for at least the next 21 days. The recording will help bring about a new happiness in your life.

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