Fears & Phobias

Hypnosis for help with anxiety and stress around irrational fears.

Do you suffer from an overwhelming or irrational fear of something?  Is fear holding you back, restricting your life?

A phobia is one of the most common causes of mental ill health and can have a serious impact on an individual's lifestyle and wellbeing. There are hundreds of known phobias though they are generally grouped into four types:

1) Animal Phobias, such as snakes, spiders, rodents and dogs

2) Natural environment phobias, such as fear of heights, storms, water and the dark.

3) Situational Phobias include fears of enclosed spaces, flying, driving and tunnels.

4) Medical phobias such as the fear of blood, illness, needles or other medical procedures.


Despite there being many known phobias, a phobia can be triggered by an event and manifest itself as a new type of phobia. Modern therapy can successfully address any phobia to help you live a better life.

Don't let a fear of public speaking minimise your career possibilities

Don't let a fear of flying curtail your sense of adventure

Don't let a fear of heights stop you reaching for the skies.

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