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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), refers to a set of mind tools originally developed around 40 years ago as an alternative psychology. NLP has now morphed into an extraordinary approach to change, enabling participants to enhance their life satisfaction. 

NLP in Therapy and Life Coaching

In a therapeutic context, NLP is used as an extraordinary effective means to change your ability to change your approach to resolving difficulties and finding solutions. This in turn aims to lift you from states of helplessness to a position of empowerment, with solutions to your individual concerns. NLP can be used to resolve phobia's, change your perceptions, increase confidence, reduce and eliminate anxiety, end procrastination and enhance motivation as well as countless other well-being related personal change areas.


NLP in Business

Most leadership training and business/sports coaching and sales training offered that is presented today will have taken significant elements from NLP. When used in business motivation projects and sales environment initiatives its aim is to provide teams with 'the edge'  and enable the team to move through the cycle of business, including reversing negative down turn, effectively.


NLP in Sports

Most top athletes either knowingly or otherwise will be using elements of NLP to enhance their mental states and performance. If you have noticed an olympic athlete standing at the block before a race getting themselves intensely calm and then squeezing their wrist with their other hand? They were using NLP techniques.


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