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My Approach

Research is unequivocal and clearly demonstrates that in order to achieve change, the relationship with your therapist/practitioner/coach is paramount. To ensure the highest degree of success and with the research findings in mind, I commit to provide all clients with an empathetic, warm positive approach and environment,  and will ensure I communicate in a respectful, straight forward and common sense manner. As a Mind Academy Modern Psychology Therapist*, I am qualified in a diverse range of approaches and styles of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as NLP, Life and Success Coaching and Thought Field Therapy. Following consultation and assessment, I will tailor-make sessions to suit your personality, strengths and experience. The approach is simple, direct and achieves results; analysis for the most part is unnecessary.


My programmes are unique, powerful and offer the genuine opportunity for the result you want. You are most welcome to call or email for a confidential chat through any concerns and to find out more.

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*Modern Psychology is NOT clinical psychology and in no way represents itself as such. The Diploma of Modern Psychology is listed on the Nationally recognised Qualification Register (Australia) and is in no way representative, or wishes to be represented, as clinical psychology. What we do is quite different. We believe that there are many approaches to psychological and mental wellbeing and Modern Psychology is a path that works for many just as clinical psychology may work for some.

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